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A big warm welcome to all our new children and their families - we hope you settle...

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A very Happy New Year to all our children and their families.

A big warm welcome...

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Butterfly Room 2 – 3 yearsPoppins butterfly room

Your child has grown and developed from a caterpillar in to a beautiful butterfly but they have so much more to discover and learn. Therefore, the aim of this room is to have lots of fun whilst furthering their learning and development.

The room is specifically designed to enable the children to have daily access to sand and water, creative activities, construction toys and books, as well as having feeding and sleeping areas. They also have access to an outdoor area, thereby enhancing their learning opportunities.

To cater for all stages of development there are nappy changing and potty training facilities for your child.

In line with Government proposals to eventually provide FREE funded education for ALL 2 year olds we currently offer 15hrs of FREE nursery education to those 2 year olds who are eligible. Check the website below to see if your child qualifies for this FREE 2 year old funding: