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A big warm welcome to all our new children and their families - we hope you settle...

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A very Happy New Year to all our children and their families.

A big warm welcome...

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Meals and snacksPoppins meal times

Highwood has an on site kitchen and cook, who prepares balanced, nutritious meals for all our nursery children.
We recognise that it is essential for children's well being that food and drinks are adequate and nutritious. To this end we have carefully planned a 4 week menu where the meals are well balanced and the 5 daily recommended portions of fruit and vegetables are met.

We are happy to cater for any dietary requirements and are open to suggestions if your child has a favourite!
Morning and afternoon snacks are provided. These consist of fruit platters plus a drink of either milk, squash or water.


All children have free access to water throughout the day.


We have recently achieved a 5-Star rating from 'Rate My Place', which scores food hygiene, cleanliness and management. Read the inspection report by clicking here.